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10 Things That Show A Company Gets It Right

As you’re going through the interview process, there are a few things you should be watching out for. While you may be thinking about your salary and location, you also need to be looking for the most successful companies to join.

Here are ten signs that you’ve found a good one:

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Taking Advantage of the Global Talent Pool Without Losing Niche Focus

The term “global recruiting” has a bit of a grandiose connotation to it. It conjures a picture of worldwide access to any individual or company that you want to work with. However, despite the services being delivered on a global basis, the industry itself is still very tightly knit. The vast majority of companies and employees do not use external global recruiting services full time, so opportunities come and go, and the talent pool being managed at any one point gets to take advantage of niche level service.  Read More

How Immigration Reform Will Impact Global Mobility

Since 1965 the Immigration and Naturalization Act has been a hotly debated topic for politicians on both sides of the aisle. Currently, the act is designed to help bring families back together and encourage skilled workers from other countries to come to the US. This system invites innovation and has been especially beneficial to technology companies among others. Changes in immigration reform are likely to slow the flow of skilled workers to the US and present challenges to companies seeking to recruit the best talent in the world. Read More

Global Mobility Job Change – What’s Next?

How do I resign effectively without burning any bridges?

Today, more than ever, it is important for employees at all levels to preserve the peace and make a graceful exit when they decide to move on from a company. At Signature Source, we always advise that “how you exit is how you will enter”.  This industry is a “nitch” industry and it is far better to depart an organization with honesty, respect and cooperation than to leave on ill terms or in the “cloak of the night”. With information so widely available on the internet, it is not surprising that a single burnt bridge could come back to haunt you before you even realize it.  In fact, this subject is so often discussed that there are dozens of articles from major professional magazines, newspapers and blogs available. So how do you go about resigning from a global position without damaging your reputation or losing valuable allies to your career? Read More

Global Mobility Recruitment: Finding a Cultural Fit – 5 Important Interview Questions

When it comes to finding the right cultural fit for your company, how do you know what to ask? Too often, companies lead the conversation by describing their work environment first and then asking the candidate if that sounds good for them. Obviously, this gives them the opportunity to tell you what you obviously want to hear, rather than being honest about the culture that they really excel in. Here are five questions you should be asking to ensure you are getting the best possible results. Read More

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