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Top Global Trends in Recruiting: Data

With more data comes a host of new business ideas. In fact, many companies are mining their employees for more data than ever before to help them understand how to keep their employees happy. This new trend is actually paying off for all parties and has taken shape in a few different ways.

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Is Your Interview Process Outdated? Breaking the Mold of Bad Interview Techniques

There has been a ton of discussion of late about whether or not job interviews are truly representative of a potential candidate’s skills and value to your company. Thousands of books, blogs and videos have been published coaching job seekers on how to best answer questions to land their dream jobs. As a result, companies often find that they are hiring candidates who interview well but don’t work out, while candidates who interview poorly may have had a better skill set. The only solution is to change the way we think about the interview process. Read More

Top Global Trends in Recruiting: Diversity Hiring

The issue of recruiting for diversity has been front and center for many businesses over the last few years. However, our understanding of what it means to hire for diversity has also evolved as we’ve seen some tactics succeed where others have failed. This year, we are set to see even more fine-tuning of the diversity hiring process with these global trends:  Read More

Job Seekers – Do You Really Know What You’re Worth?

Finding a new job can be difficult enough, but negotiating your salary is by far the hardest part of the whole ordeal. If you haven’t yet started researching salaries in your field, now is the time to start. You shouldn’t be afraid to find out what you’re worth and demand what’s fair. Here’s how you can learn more about what to expect: 
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How to Answer The Tough Interview Questions to Secure an Offer

One of the toughest questions posed by interviewers today is “Why should we hire you?” It is an open-ended question that leaves a lot of room for you to go wrong, and it often comes at the very end of an otherwise successful interview, leaving you feeling like this is your final plea. Knowing how to make a clear and concise appeal is the only way to nail this question and secure a job offer. Here’s how:  Read More

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