We proactively recruit relocation professionals, utilize several screening techniques and strive to reach a culture/value match for every position.

Clients hire us to recruit the most desired “passive” and highly qualified candidates to meet their talent needs.  Whether it is for a full-time or temporary assignment hire, our results have produced successful placements for our Clients within as little as 72 hours of the job assignment.  With a  unique strategy to recruiting and goal to be a critical extension of our Clients’ Human Resources / Talent Management departments, we differentiate ourselves from the traditional role of an Executive Recruiter.  We recruit for talent 24/7, build relationships with our candidates, identify critical information through screening techniques and approach each job assignment with the commitment to long-term success for both our Client and the candidate placed in the role. Our Executive Recruiting team members are all former industry professionals. This experience transcends through our sourcing and recruiting process producing a higher pool of qualified candidates for the Client.

Values and Confidentiality – Extension of Human Resources / Talent Management

We want to thoroughly understand our Client’s organization, management structure, environment for success and culture with each relationship.  As a Client of Signature Source, your relationship with us is one that we value and treat with respect.  It isn’t about just the job order.  We want your experience in working with us to be one that you trust not only for delivering the most highly qualified and experienced candidates to meet your immediate need but also view us as a critical element of your talent acquisition strategy.  Each Client relationship is treated with the utmost of confidentiality, respect and partnership.  An example of our approach is that when you work with Signature Source, we do not recruit your employees.  Any information that is shared with us will be treated with the same confidential approach you expect from your company’s Human Resources / Talent Management team members.  By achieving this level of a working arrangement, we will be proactive in strategizing and recruiting for your needs today and in the future thereby reducing the time it will take to fill critical openings.

Expertise – Consulting Assignments

Whether it is a compensation study for a functional position, department or organizational compensation review, our Clients have the most current industry information available Many of our clients improve their compensation and/or organizational development plans through the consulting services we provide on a project and/or continuum basis.  The projects can include but are not limited to base and incentive compensation for a specific position or an entire job families,  comprehensive compensation analysis for senior leadership roles, organizational development to enhance efficiency, customer service, policies or procedures and many other alternatives designed to meet the client’s needs.

Critical Need Solutions – Temporary Assignments

Often our client will have a need for one or more talented relocation professionals to serve for group moves, specific client on-boarding, onsite at their client’s facility or to provide coverage for the loss of talent for a limited period of time. We offer a pool of candidates willing to assume this type of arrangement and coordinate the placement of the candidate(s) accordingly. Other situations may include a client not wishing to hire, but enlisting the candidate’s involvement in a specific project or assignment. Signature Source coordinates the arrangement for the client and candidate to ensure that assignment is managed effectively and meets the client’s deadline or objective.

Success – Right Fit, Right Time & Right Culture

We are passionate about recruiting the best talent in the industry.  We recruit 24/7!!!  While each Client has a specific job order, our approach to recruiting is to continually build our candidate pool proactively rather than recruit only for a specific job order.  Our goal is to have a candidate pool screened for the functional role at the time we receive the Client’s order.  This approach saves our Client time by eliminating sourcing step in the recruiting process. We can immediately proceed with screening candidates in the functional candidate pool for the right fit – requirements, time and organizational culture.  Contact us to allow us to share your needs for recruiting support

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  • Society for Human Resources Management
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