Privacy Policy

The following describes the SigSource, Inc. (“Signature Source” or the “Company”) privacy policy and the manner in which Signature Source handles information that it receives that may constitute either personal or sensitive information concerning individuals. Signature Source’s intent is to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements of those jurisdictions in which it does business.

Collection of Commercial Information

Signature Source collects certain information involuntarily from visitors to its website and those of its candidates including the email address, time visited, pages viewed and related information. The Company also collects certain information voluntarily when someone sends a direct mail inquiry, an email or online registration, participates in seminars or webinars, or requests Company information at tradeshows. Examples of such information include individual names, telephone numbers, email addresses, Company name, person’s title, and other personally identifiable information. Signature Source uses such information to monitor the performance, and improve the quality of, its website, respond to requests about the Company and its business, provide information about products and services, fulfill customer requests, marketing and other business purposes and to comply with various legal and/or regulatory requirements. The Company may share this information with Clients to respond to customer needs, or to engage in joint marketing behalf; e.g., providing notice of an interview, an upcoming webinar or tradeshow that may be of interest to the target audience, or during solicitation for business purposes.

Collection and Use of Personal and Sensitive Information

This policy covers the information you share with us and/or which may be acquired or produced by Signature Source during the recruiting process and application process including: your name, address, email address, telephone number, and other contact information; your resume or CV, cover letter, previous and/or relevant work experience or other experience, education, certifications, affiliations if any; details of the type of employment you are or may be looking for, current and/or desired salary and other terms relating to compensation and benefit packages, willingness to relocate, or other job preferences; details of how you heard about Signature Source and/or the position you are interested in; any sensitive and/or demographic information obtained during the recruitment process such as gender, information about your citizenship and/or nationality, medical or healthy information and/or your racial or ethnic origin; reference information and/or information received from third parties; information relating to any previous applications you have made with Signature Source; information about your educational and professional background from publicly available sources, including online, that we believe is relevant to your potential future application (i.e. your LinkedIn Profile,); and/or information related to any assessment you take as part of the interview process on behalf of our Client(s). Signature Source collects personal information only directly from the individuals affected. Personal information is information that identifies a particular individual, and does not include aggregated, compiled or publicly available data. Personal information that is related to commercial purposes is used as described in the preceding section. Sensitive information is personal information that reveals a particular person’s: (i) race; (ii) religion; (iii) ethnicity;(iv) sexual orientation; (v) political or philosophical beliefs; (vi) trade union membership; (vii) or information regarding a person’s medical status or condition. Sensitive information is collected solely for employment-related and other internal business matters, as well as to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. 

Signature Source uses the information to evaluate experience for the career opportunities we are recruiting for on behalf of our corporate clients.  We use the information to perform the following: verifying you information and carrying out reference checks if the client requests; communications with you about the recruitment process and/or your application(s) to our client(s); creating and/or submitting reports as required under any local laws and/or regulations where applicable; complying with applicable laws, regulations, legal processes, or enforcement governmental request; and/or comparing information to public information on the social media sites.

Use and treatment of Personal and Sensitive Information Gathered by Others

From time to time Signature Source may have access to Personal and Sensitive Information gathered by others, including our clients. Signature Source will use reasonable methods to secure all personal and sensitive information by a variety of methods, including restricting access to such information only to those people who have a legitimate need to know in order to discharge their job responsibilities on behalf of Signature Source, securing access to the facility where the information is stored, and the use of technology and physical controls to secure the information. 

Signature Source operates globally, which means your information may be stored and processed outside of the country or region where it was originally collected including the United States.  In some of these countries, you may have fewer rights in respect of your information that you do in your country of residence.  As described in our Privacy Shield certification, we comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information from the European Union member countries and the United Kingdom. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, and to view our certification, please visit the Privacy Shield website.

Other Uses of Personal and Sensitive Information

In addition to the uses described above, Signature Source will inform individuals of any other intended uses of their personal or sensitive information at the time such information is collected, or before such use is implemented, including disclosure to third parties that are not agents of Signature Source. The individual will have the ability to advise the Company if he/she does not consent to such intended or additional use (i.e., “opt-in”). For other personal or commercial information, the individual has the ability to advise the Company at any time that he/she no longer wishes to allow such intended or additional use (i.e., “opt-out”), again, including disclosure to third parties that are not agents of Signature Source.

Data Security

Signature Source will use reasonable methods to secure all personal and sensitive information by a variety of methods, including restricting access to such information only to those people who have a legitimate need to know in order to discharge their job responsibilities on behalf of Signature Source, securing access to the facility where the information is stored, and the use of technology and physical controls to secure the information.

Use of Information by Third Parties that are Agents of Signature Source will require that all third parties that are acting on behalf of Signature Source, and to which personal or sensitive information is provided, give Signature Source adequate assurances that they will safeguard all such information in a manner consistent with both this policy.

If you apply for an opportunity or Signature Source presents your information to our Client for an opportunity and the effort is unsuccessful, Signature Source will retain your information for a period after the process. We retain this information for our various reasons, including in case another opportunity arises that we can connect with you for explicit approval to present your experience for another opportunity in the future. If you would like to update your information, you may do so via your account in our website or by notifying us at contactus@signature-source.com and we will be available to update your information in our database for you.

Ability to Access and Correct Information

Upon an individual’s request, Signature Source will provide reasonable access to any personal or sensitive information it has about that person. Signature Source will also take reasonable steps to allow such individuals to correct, change, modify or delete any such information that is shown to be incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete.

In certain countries, you may have certain rights under data protection law.  This may include the right to request access or to update your information, request that it be deleted, or object to Signature Source using it for recruiting purposes.

If you wish to exercise a right of access, please contact us at contactus@signature-source.com. We will respond to any requests in accordance with applicable law, and so there may be circumstances where we are not able to comply with your request.

If you are in the EU or the UK and if you cannot find the answer to your question in this policy, you can contact Signature Source’s Data Protection Officer at contactus@signature-source.com.  Depending on your country of residence, you may also raise any questions or concerns you have regarding your personal information with your local data protection authority.

Resolving Disputes

Signature Source will investigate any complaints about the use and disclosure of personal or sensitive information that are not in accordance with this policy. If Signature Source is unable to informally resolve any such matter to the individual’s reasonable satisfaction, it will participate in the dispute resolution procedures of the legal or regulatory body having jurisdiction over the matter (e.g., the Federal Trade Commission).

Enforcement and Compliance

Signature Source will conduct regular audits to monitor compliance with this policy. 


Signature Source may amend or modify this policy from time to time by posting the amended or modified version on its website at http://www.signature-source.com.. This policy may also be changed, or limited, to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, or as otherwise allowed or required by law.

Contact Information

Questions or comments about this policy, or concerns or complaints about possible violations, should be sent to: Signature Source at contactus@signature-source.com.

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