The Executive Recruiters at Signature Source has created exceptional relationships with our clients and industry professionals who make the strategic hiring decisions for their organizations. These relationships can also open new doors of opportunity for relocation professionals in exploring career options with confidence, without the concerns that may exist through responding to job postings elsewhere.

If you are currently employed and want to locate a new career opportunity in a highly confidential manner, it can be tough in our global industry to know who you can trust. It can be quite daunting wondering whether your information will be shared with your current employer or if the job site you are posting to will be linked to the wrong organization. Also, you probably are questioning how you will know that you aren’t leaving an organization only to end up somewhere else with the same challenges? You need an executive recruiter and talent consultant who understands your needs and respects the critical need for confidentiality as much as you do.

Job Search

At Signature Source, our approach to your job search is not one of a “head-hunter”. We are committed to ensuring that when you work with us, you will find the best opportunity for your career and celebrate this success for years to come. Our approach to working with you isn’t about “placing” you in a job or sending your resume into one of our Clients, it is about finding the right career fit that will provide you continued success in the industry. To accomplish success, we must invest time to perform the following highly confidential process with you:


  1. Profile Review – Obtain an understanding of your goals, objectives, career history and personal needs
  2. Resume / CV – Review of your Resume / CV, its contents and recommendations
  3. Experience and Skills – In-depth discussion regarding your career
  4. Compensation – Analysis of your current compensation, comparison to industry standards and identification of requirements to make a career change
  5. Organizational Culture – Explore what you need from a values, structural and leadership perspective
  6. Job Opportunity Review – Available positions today and identification of opportunities in the future
  7. Interview Preparation – Support provided through job description review, industry information and the Signature Source Interview Guide
  8. Confidential Interview Process – Arrangement of all phone and in-person interviews in a confidential manner
  9. Interview Feedback – Dynamic feedback from you and our Client on each interview to secure additional interviews and/or provide constructive feedback for future interviews
  10. Offer Delivery and/or Negotiation – Support through the offer process to ensure clear expectations and information is exchanged
  11. Continued Contact throughout On-Boarding – Communication of critical information for a successful start in your new role
  12. On-Going Support – Continual follow up with you well into your new role to ensure that expectations have been met


Your success is our only objective. We’ve worked in the industry and understand the dynamics and expectations that our clients and candidates face daily. In fact, the Signature Source team has managed or has been held accountable for 100% customer and client satisfaction in our former industry roles. Our experience is ingrained in who we are and how we serve you in locating the right fit for continued success in your career.

Values and confidentiality

Reputation is the foundation to continued success in the industry. At Signature Source we will respect your need for confidentiality and work with you to ensure that your job search and interviews are performed in a manner that ensures success.  Your information is protected in our proprietary database. Unlike job boards, company websites and online association postings, when you apply to a Signature Source job posting, your information is uploaded into our database and is not shared or accessed by anyone or any firm except Signature Source.


Signature Source ensures that you will well prepared for the many different kinds of interviews we arrange on your behalf. Regardless of the interview, you will be informed regarding the specific job opportunity, client’s organization and provided our Signature Source Interview Guide to ensure your success.  Remember that the goal of each event is to allow you and your potential new employer to explore the “possibility” of your career move to their organization. We work with you one-on-one and also provide you with information that help you fine tune your interviewing skills so you are confident and ready for a successful interview. Signature Source

Candidate Preparation includes:

  • Understanding the job requirements
  • Information to research the organization, management and culture
  • Social media tips
  • Interview preparation call
  • Interviewing recommendations for phone or in-person interviews
  • How to Answer Tough Questions
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Critical follow up steps to differentiate you from the competition

Contact us for our comprehensive Successful Interview Guide.  Making a difference, one at a time…

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