Global Mobility Recruiting: How to Use External Recruiting Support Effectively in “Hard to Recruit” Geographic Locations

how to recruit locations

There are many reasons that a position can be difficult to fill. In some cases, the geographic region of the position is a deciding factor for job applicants who would otherwise be interested. Companies need to be aware of and account for differences in regional expectations as they recruit so that they can offset some of the less desirable locations with other perks or compensation. Getting the help of an external recruiting team can also help manage this process more smoothly.

Learn the Area

One major advantage of utilizing Executive Recruiters that specialize only in recruiting for the Global Mobility industry to fill your hard-to-staff positions is that they are more likely to be well embedded in the local and global regional staffing issues in the market place. Their experience is invaluable in the general quality of life attained by people in the area, challenges faced in specific markets and advice to help you recruit more effectively and efficiently to locate fully qualified talent. You can use this information to incentivize the position or market the position more accurately.

Establish Recruitment Goals

If you have identified an area which seems more difficult to staff than other locations, it can be beneficial to establish clear recruitment objectives for your external recruiting team. If you are partnering with the right Executive Global Mobility Recruiter to proactively attract fresh talent to your company, you can work towards building a pool of qualified candidates specifically to fill chronic shortages in that one location. By always keeping a minimum number of applicants screened and on the roster, you will be able to smooth out transitions and avoid gaps in your operation.


Areas that are hard to recruit in generally have smaller populations and fewer highly educated candidates. Depending on the size and type of company, awareness of your job openings may not exist. That’s why it is important to utilize the marketing power of the right Executive Global Mobility Recruiter to drive traffic toward your open positions. The firm will be known for their reputation in the marketplace and will be able to spread the word about your job to areas just slightly outside of the region, drawing people in from other business hotspots and competitors. They have mastered the art of marketing positions to the right talent pool, so you don’t have to do it on your own.

Most multi-national companies are faced with difficulties staffing one or more of their locations. The right external firm can support can overcome this by using experience to educate you regarding how the position falls in line with local expectations for pay and incentives. In addition, the firm will have a far greater ability to market the open position to the targeted global mobility talent in areas where it will get the most attention. If they are able to successfully market your company in hard to reach areas, you can build up a healthy pool of applicants over time so that future openings can be filled faster with less stress.

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