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Interviews Conveying A Window Into Company Culture

Sometimes we get so hung up on finding a candidate that fills our needs that we forget to consider what the candidate needs from us. Research has shown that candidates are looking for more than just a salary, and the interview process is how they begin to feel out what your organization has to offer aside from a paycheck. The number one item on the list is finding a company with a positive culture that is welcoming and encouraging. So what does your interview process tell candidates about you? Read More

Three Interview Questions to See the Truth in Every Candidate

What is it that makes some candidates seem so great on paper and then turn out to be duds on the job? How do so many seemingly qualified prospects eek their way through the interview confidently, only to become a mirage once they’re asked to complete a task? Are they lying, or are we asking the wrong questions? The truth is that most interview questions have become so standard that any candidate has spent years practicing the perfect response. Instead, we need to get them to speak candidly about themselves, and that requires more creative questions.  Read More

8 Reasons Good Employees Leave

In the increasingly competitive world of business, what is it that makes highly productive, and seemingly happy, employees suddenly jump ship? Why are some companies having better luck hanging onto their top talent than others? There could be many factors at play.

Read More

Global Mobility Recruitment: Finding a Cultural Fit – 5 Important Interview Questions

When it comes to finding the right cultural fit for your company, how do you know what to ask? Too often, companies lead the conversation by describing their work environment first and then asking the candidate if that sounds good for them. Obviously, this gives them the opportunity to tell you what you obviously want to hear, rather than being honest about the culture that they really excel in. Here are five questions you should be asking to ensure you are getting the best possible results. Read More

Global Mobility Recruiting: How to Use External Recruiting Support Effectively in “Hard to Recruit” Geographic Locations

There are many reasons that a position can be difficult to fill. In some cases, the geographic region of the position is a deciding factor for job applicants who would otherwise be interested. Companies need to be aware of and account for differences in regional expectations as they recruit so that they can offset some of the less desirable locations with other perks or compensation. Getting the help of an external recruiting team can also help manage this process more smoothly. Read More

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