Top Global Trends in Recruiting: Data

With more data comes a host of new business ideas. In fact, many companies are mining their employees for more data than ever before to help them understand how to keep their employees happy. This new trend is actually paying off for all parties and has taken shape in a few different ways.

Employee Retention

Employee retention has always been a challenge for companies. Unfortunately, the companies with the highest turnover tend to be least concerned with asking their employees what’s wrong. Now it is easy for companies of all sizes to survey their employees on a regular basis, either directly or indirectly. This data can be compiled rapidly to give management a better idea of how to keep their employees on board longer. The best part is that management teams are really starting to see the value in doing this and have become very proactive about it in the last couple years.

Employee Recruitment

Of course, employee retention is a byproduct of employee recruitment. Without good insight into employee expectations, many companies were shooting in the dark with their offers. Now, companies are able to compare their employment offers and benefits packages with other companies in their sphere to create more competitive offers altogether. This has led to a significant improvement in the quality of new recruits and has made companies more successful at landing the candidates they really want.

Assessing Skillsets

Even the most qualified members of your team have strengths and weaknesses. With data collection, it is possible to learn more about those strengths and weaknesses in the big picture. This data can be used to pair employees who complement one another with their skills and fill skill gaps more effectively. It also keeps companies from developing blind spots where a particular skill gap may be concerned.

These three areas are seeing drastic improvements thanks to the rapid increase in data collection in the corporate world. Fortunately, this data is also benefiting the employees who participate, not just the companies who collect it. In the future, we will continue to see data playing a vital role in employee-management interactions and negotiations.

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