Signs It’s Time For A Career Change (Part 1)

Signs Career Change

Knowing when it’s time to make a career change can be tough. Most of us are taught that we go to college, get a job, and then stay in that career for better or worse. The problem is that there are many negative side effects of staying in a job that isn’t the right fit, including mental and physical effects. Here’s how you can tell that it’s time for a change: 

If You Aren’t Making Enough to Survive

This is often one of the first signs that you need to change, although it is not a deal breaker on its own. The real question is whether or not your current career will ever give you the opportunity to afford the lifestyle you want. Some people can happily live on a smaller income while doing something that they find gratifying, but if you don’t love what you’re doing, and it’s not paying you enough to live the life you want, that’s a problem.

No Chance to Move Up

Another indicator that it’s time to head in a new direction is when you find yourself without any opportunities to grow or take on new challenges. If you’ve been stuck at your tier for a while, and nobody is offering you the opportunity to learn something new or go for a promotion, it’s not unreasonable to start looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

You’re Bored or Dissatisfied

Perpetual boredom has a negative effect on how we work. It makes us lose interest in the work we should be doing, causing the quality of the work to suffer, and even leads to mental exhaustion as we force ourselves to try and care all day. If your work doesn’t stimulate you and bring you joy, now is the time to find something that really fulfills your dreams.

Too Much Stress

On the other side of the equation is jobs that are just too stressful for some people. While the job may be interesting and challenging if you come home each night feeling like you’ve barely escaped a nightmare, it could be a sign that you need to slow down for a while.

These are just four common signs we see that a career change is in your future. If you are unhappy in your current career, now is the time to start looking around for an exit plan and making a positive change.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will cover even more signs that show it’s time to switch gears and change your career!

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