Job Seekers – Do You Really Know What You’re Worth?

Finding a new job can be difficult enough, but negotiating your salary is by far the hardest part of the whole ordeal. If you haven’t yet started researching salaries in your field, now is the time to start. You shouldn’t be afraid to find out what you’re worth and demand what’s fair. Here’s how you can learn more about what to expect: 

Start Searching Online

Websites like GlassDoor and others have made it possible to gather some intel about a potential employer long before you interview. Former and current employers are able to share their salaries by job description, as well as leaving reviews about their experiences. This should give you a ballpark range to start with.

Talk to Co-workers

For many years it has been considered largely inappropriate to talk about your salary openly. After some recent reports of pay disparities in high profile positions, it is becoming far more common for employees at all levels to share their salary information, especially if they are moving on to a new position. Some experts recommend that you try to speak to at least five other individuals within your company and at your level, and you should also make sure to ask both men and women to be sure that your pay is equal. Some co-workers might be uncomfortable with giving you a hard number, but many will be happy to give you a pay range.

Compile Your Data

Knowing your real value to an employer only works if you can compile that data into a real bargaining chip. If you are going to use it effectively, you must be able to clearly demonstrate how you came up with your number and why. If all of your research says that you are being underpaid, it’s likely that your employer has been waiting on you to ask for more all along. Make sure you set up a time to meet with your boss to discuss your findings.

Employees across the board are finding that today’s resources make it easier than ever to know your worth and ask for more money. There is plenty of data available on the web and through your network to help you gather intel and make your case.

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