How to Answer The Tough Interview Questions to Secure an Offer

One of the toughest questions posed by interviewers today is “Why should we hire you?” It is an open-ended question that leaves a lot of room for you to go wrong, and it often comes at the very end of an otherwise successful interview, leaving you feeling like this is your final plea. Knowing how to make a clear and concise appeal is the only way to nail this question and secure a job offer. Here’s how: 

Reiterate Their Problem

The first mistake that job seekers make when answering this question is talking about themselves. This question is not designed for you to rehash your best features. Rather, it is asking you to explain the solution that you offer to their specific problem. They need an individual to accomplish a specific task, and your degree from XYZ college is not relevant. You need to explain to them what their problem is and what one thing you can do that nobody else can do to solve it.

Give Examples, Not Cliches

Again, we tend to boil ourselves down to a few short phrases when we try to answer this question. “I’m the best at what I do, and I’m self-motivated, too.” That isn’t a very inspiring answer. Instead, think of a time when you have solved a similar problem or even a problem of similar scale, and explain the steps you took and how effective they were, by the numbers. You can bet that everyone else who was interviewed probably waffled on this question. If you have a great response, you can cinch the deal instantly.

Make It Clear That You’re Different

This should go without saying, but it’s important. Not only are you different from other candidates, you’re also different from the guy who held the position before you, and you’re different from every cultural cliche we have about the position. You are unique and you do your job in a way that speaks to that with passion.

Why anybody should hire you is really dependent on what their needs are. Instead of using a canned response to questions like this, it is up to you to demonstrate that you are laser-focused on the needs of the company and that you are bringing something totally new to the table to solve their problems.

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