Taking Advantage of the Global Talent Pool Without Losing Niche Focus

The term “global recruiting” has a bit of a grandiose connotation to it. It conjures a picture of worldwide access to any individual or company that you want to work with. However, despite the services being delivered on a global basis, the industry itself is still very tightly knit. The vast majority of companies and employees do not use external global recruiting services full time, so opportunities come and go, and the talent pool being managed at any one point gets to take advantage of niche level service. 

What it Means for Candidates

The total pool of executive level positions is only a small fraction of the global workforce. Because these positions are so few are far between in the big picture, there is already a strong sense of community among people at that level. Reputation and respect within this community are paramount for those seeking a new position anywhere in the world. Now that global recruitment strategies have really taken off, you are more likely than ever before to encounter people you know, even if you take a position halfway around the world.

What it Means for Companies

As a corporation, you can enjoy access to a larger talent pool using global mobility recruiting and talent acquisition consulting firms with defined strategies that have built solid relationships with the key talent in the industry without compromising the goals or needs of the company. It has become exceedingly simple to gather information about candidates, even if they are coming from another part of the world, so you can determine whether or not their reputation fits well within your framework by using reputable global executive recruiting firms.

No matter how many people there are on the planet, the pool of people who are fit for executive level positions will always be a minority. By expanding your search to the global pool you give yourself plenty of options, but the community is small enough that there is little risk of falling through the cracks. The most important thing to remember is that reputation and respect still carry a lot of weight in this community, but word of your reputation now carries farther.


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