How To Achieve Career Success While Reducing Stress – Part 2

career success

Last time we gave you a few tips for making the most of your career without inducing stress. We’re back with another round of helpful hints that are designed to help you level up your life and master your days.

Love the Journey

Many of us were taught that the ultimate measure of success is a big salary, big house, and fancy car. In reality, those who are most successful tend to be the ones that focus on the journey more than the end result. They find value in the opportunity to learn something new each day, make new connections with people, and create value no a day-to-day basis. When you focus on the little steps and take time to appreciate how far you’ve come, you won’t feel bogged down by the fact that your end goal seems so far away.

Build a Team of Cheerleaders

Having a group of close friends or confidants is crucial to managing stress. This is especially true if they share in your career and understand the finer details of your daily life. Joking and commiserating about the stressful parts of life with help lighten the load and remind you that there are people in your circle who are willing to help if you just ask. Learning to ask for help is one of the hardest things you can do, but it is sure to change your life.

Don’t Try To Do It All

Although you may want to take charge and try to handle everything on your own, it’s not always the best route to go. Burnout happens. Don’t be afraid to say no or delegate certain tasks to others who may be able to assist. Whether it’s a resume that needs a touch up or someone in your office who might be able to help you schedule and organize your meetings. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Now it’s up to you to change your mindset, form your support circle, delegate what you can and appreciate the small daily tasks that lead to big results. Don’t fret over the impossibility of taking a million steps. Instead, take each day as it comes and make it the best it can be, then repeat that mantra each day. Take time out to chat with colleagues and celebrate your shared journey along the way, and you’ll feel the stress fading away.

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