Global Mobility Recruitment: Finding a Cultural Fit – 5 Important Interview Questions

Global Mobility Recruitment

When it comes to finding the right cultural fit for your company, how do you know what to ask? Too often, companies lead the conversation by describing their work environment first and then asking the candidate if that sounds good for them. Obviously, this gives them the opportunity to tell you what you obviously want to hear, rather than being honest about the culture that they really excel in. Here are five questions you should be asking to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

  1. Describe Your Ideal Work Environment – An open-ended question that puts the ball in their court. This is often the best way to get an idea of how the candidate would handle the work environment you have to offer without giving them easy answers.
  2. What Makes You Happiest In Your Job? – Even employees who have become dissatisfied with their current employment can pick out one thing that makes them happy at work. Whether it is a good team, or having the opportunity to learn new things, this is helpful information for you to have.
  3. What Do You Expect Of Your Managers? – Different people have different needs of their managers. Some people prefer independence, while others want to be directed. Your culture may favor one over the other, and this is a good way to get to know what the individual wants during your Global Mobility Recruitment process.
  4. What Was Your Best Work Experience? – Some employees are particularly proud of completing a project or contributing to a team. Other employees are happiest when they learn a new skill set or receive an award. Learning the candidate’s values will determine if you can provide adequate rewards to keep them happy.
  5. If You Could Do Anything, What Would It Be, And Why? – This is a box aimed at thinking outside the box. Throughout your Global Mobility Recruiting process, you will be presented with tons of qualified candidates, but their ability to think creatively or even reach for the stars can tell you plenty about how they will solve problems in your work environment.

Most of these questions do not have a single right answer, but they do provide the kind of open-ended, thought-provoking stage that candidates need to be honest about their goals and aspirations, as well as their performance in a variety of scenarios.

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