Experienced Professionals… Recommendations for “Refreshing” Your Resume/CV for Job Opportunities in the Global Mobility Industry

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So much of the resume advice that we see today is geared towards recent graduates who are entering the job market for the first time. However, in an increasingly competitive market, it is experienced employees who may need the most help. Experience alone isn’t as advantageous as it once was, and now your resume needs to highlight how flexible you are with new technologies and concepts that come naturally to younger adults. 

Leave Off the Dates

With the exception of your most recent job(s) within the last 15 years, you should avoid listing dates that will obviously call out your tenure in the industry or jobs outside the global mobility industry. For instance, list dates for resume items within the last 5-15 years, but you may want to leave off the year you graduated college or high school. You should also avoid making bold statements about having 20 or 30 years of experience in your field because it often conveys “age” vs. “experience”.

Be More Specific

Instead of listing a huge array of skills and experiences that you have gained over the years, make sure your resume is strictly targeted to the job you’re applying for. Another benefit of targeting your resume this way is that you can highlight your most relevant experience in any order you want, so you don’t have to follow a chronological tale that prematurely ages you.

Place Your Accomplishments Front and Center

Instead of writing a resume that just lists everything you’ve ever done, take this chance to really write thoughtfully about your accomplishments. Create a section at the top of your resume to highlight one or two specific examples of how you have thrived as a leader, and what you hope to do next. Remember to qualify and quantify every “bullet” on your resume.  As yourself, “so what” does this bullet mean to the hiring employer.  If you cannot affect ROI, customer satisfaction, client retention, revenue growth and/or brand recognition in either a qualitative or quantitative capacity by including the bullet, it needs to be eliminated from your resume.

Update Your Contact Information

Remember, you’re competing with entry-level professionals who are inextricably linked via a multitude of social platforms. Highlight more than just list your phone number and email. Show that you are on top of the connectivity game by giving your LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn will give potential employers the opportunity to see endorsements and experiences that you may not have included in your in your resume or CV.

Once you’ve incorporated these four tips, you should be on your way to a refreshed resume for submission for job openings.  Remember, we are living in the digital age so you should have your resume formatted for easy reading on a screen as this is the best way to reach employers. If you need assistance in doing so, Signature Source and David Golightly are available to help you! You can reach us via contactus@signature-source.com.

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