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Global Mobility Recruitment: Finding a Cultural Fit – 5 Important Interview Questions

When it comes to finding the right cultural fit for your company, how do you know what to ask? Too often, companies lead the conversation by describing their work environment first and then asking the candidate if that sounds good for them. Obviously, this gives them the opportunity to tell you what you obviously want to hear, rather than being honest about the culture that they really excel in. Here are five questions you should be asking to ensure you are getting the best possible results. Read More

Global Mobility Recruiting: How to Use External Recruiting Support Effectively in “Hard to Recruit” Geographic Locations

difficult geographic regions to recruit employeesThere are many reasons that a position can be difficult to fill. In some cases, the geographic region of the position is a deciding factor for job applicants who would otherwise be interested. Companies need to be aware of and account for differences in regional expectations as they recruit so that they can offset some of the less desirable locations with other perks or compensation. Getting the help of an external recruiting team can also help manage this process more smoothly. Read More

Global Mobility Talent: Is Proactive Recruiting Worth it?

When it comes to your global mobility talent strategy you may be wondering whether or not you should be proactively cultivating talent leads or waiting for a position to open up first. In some cases, when an employee leaves your organization unexpectedly, you have no choice but to be reactive in your recruiting efforts. However, most of the time you have the ability to accurately forecast your hiring needs well in advance, and extend the time you have available to search for the ideal candidate by being proactive. Read More

Global Mobility Talent – 5 Ways to Start your Executive Search

Talent acquisition is an increasingly competitive industry, requiring a strong background in global mobility strategies. Executive searches are now capable of reaching across traditional cultural, industry and national lines to source talent from greater distances. As a result, the field of global mobility talent recruiting has become its own specialization used by corporations who need to open up their executive search to the widest possible range of candidates. Today, any good executive talent search will begin with a search firm that is recognized at the global level for their industry expertise.
Read More

Relocation Company Expansion – Talent Acquisition Strategy

Creating an effective global expansion strategy can be difficult no matter what size of company you are managing. While smaller companies generally face more challenges in recruiting talent abroad during expansions, large companies face a bigger challenge of bringing all of their sites together under one centralized HR system. Regardless, the challenges of relocation and company expansion require the help of a qualified individual who has successfully launched global initiatives in the past, and a recruiter who can identify those individuals in a crowd of management professionals.  Read More

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