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10 Questions To Avoid Asking – And 5 To Ask – During An Interview

AUGUST 24, 2015 – We all have our thoughts about what a candidate should and shouldn’t say during a first interview, and the list often includes salary, when raises are expected, flex-time options and when to expect a promotion. At Signature Source our job is to dig deeper, so candidates understand the best way to …

Eight Traits That Top Athletes And Top Talent Have In Common

JULY 8, 2015 – Has it ever occurred to you that Bill Gates and LeBron James might share traits that have led to their success? Thousands of studies have been done to pinpoint success in business, and the list of traits that a person should possess is long. At Signature Source we have narrowed the …

Personal Branding: Why It’s Important

March 11, 2015 – Our last two posts have focused on developing and implementing a personal brand. Today we focus on the “why” of personal branding, which for us at Signature Source is the most compelling argument about why you need to develop yours.   First, let’s touch on what a personal brand is not, …

Developing your Personal Brand in the Global Relocation Industry

Personal branding has been a hot topic for almost two decades, since Fast Company Magazine published Tom Peters’ article, “The Brand Called You.” But creating your own personal brand back then was not as easy as it is today, thanks to social media and technology. We work hard at Signature Source to match top-notch candidates with …

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