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10 Things That Show A Company Gets It Right

As you’re going through the interview process, there are a few things you should be watching out for. While you may be thinking about your salary and location, you also need to be looking for the most successful companies to join. Here are ten signs that you’ve found a good one:

Interviews Conveying A Window Into Company Culture

Sometimes we get so hung up on finding a candidate that fills our needs that we forget to consider what the candidate needs from us. Research has shown that candidates are looking for more than just a salary, and the interview process is how they begin to feel out what your organization has to offer …

Three Interview Questions to See the Truth in Every Candidate

What is it that makes some candidates seem so great on paper and then turn out to be duds on the job? How do so many seemingly qualified prospects eek their way through the interview confidently, only to become a mirage once they’re asked to complete a task? Are they lying, or are we asking …

Global Mobility Talent – 5 Ways to Start your Executive Search

Talent acquisition is an increasingly competitive industry, requiring a strong background in global mobility strategies. Executive searches are now capable of reaching across traditional cultural, industry and national lines to source talent from greater distances. As a result, the field of global mobility talent recruiting has become its own specialization used by corporations who need …

10 Tips for Interviewing Global Mobility Talent

Job interviews, key to selecting the best candidate for the job, require preparation for both the employer and candidate. At Signature Source, we have a list of the top 10 questions hiring managers use when hiring global mobility talent, all crafted to gain insight into a prospect’s personality and ability, and to determine if the …

5 Tips For Acing A “Virtual” Interview

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 – In today’s global, tech-centric interconnected economy, in-person interviews are no longer the norm.  It is not unusual for hiring managers and HR teams to schedule important interviews on platforms such as Facetime or Skype. Do these “virtual” interviews hold any less importance or value than in-person interviews?  Absolutely not.  An interview …

Interview Red Flags: How To Keep Them From Waving

True story: Imagine the shock of a hiring manager when the candidate appeared for the interview with her parents, who said they wanted to sit in and listen to what their daughter had to say. Obviously, that interview never happened. At Signature Source, our job is to send only top candidates to our corporate clients. …

10 Questions To Avoid Asking – And 5 To Ask – During An Interview

AUGUST 24, 2015 – We all have our thoughts about what a candidate should and shouldn’t say during a first interview, and the list often includes salary, when raises are expected, flex-time options and when to expect a promotion. At Signature Source our job is to dig deeper, so candidates understand the best way to …

7 Issues That Impact Staffing 2015

April 10, 2015 – Small and large businesses all plan to step up hiring activity in the second quarter, according to CareerBuilder’s latest forecast. Twenty-three percent of companies with 50 or fewer employees expect to add full-time, permanent staff over the next three months, up from 18 percent last year. Among employers of all sizes, …

Personal Branding: Why It’s Important

March 11, 2015 – Our last two posts have focused on developing and implementing a personal brand. Today we focus on the “why” of personal branding, which for us at Signature Source is the most compelling argument about why you need to develop yours.   First, let’s touch on what a personal brand is not, …

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